Beach Glass On Leather "Maui"
Beach Glass On Leather "Maui"
Beach Glass On Leather "Maui"
Beach Glass On Leather "Maui"
Beach Glass On Leather "Maui"

Beach Glass On Leather "Maui"

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Even in the darkest of times, there is always light. The Maui Bracelet represents the spirit of hope and support. Drawing inspiration from the resilient attitude of the Hawaiian people, these bracelets serve as a reminder to seek out helpers - those who lend a helping hand when we need it the most. These bracelets symbolize our interconnectedness as a global community.  

100% of profits go to @mauiunitedway.  For 30 days until September 31st.

Leather Bracelet is knotted with multi colored beach glass beads and tiny silver accent beads.  The bracelet slips over wrist and adjusts to any size.  Just slide the knots and wear on wrist from size 5.5" to 11".  Named Maui for the pretty combination of colors of the sand, sea and sunset.  Limited time price.


Powder glass beads are made by crushing glass to a fine powder and heating it so that the particles fuse together. The glass is then poured into clay molds, with a cassava leaf stem used to make the hole. They are baked in an oven and the glass fuses and the cassava stem burns up. 

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