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Gold Lined Red Agate Necklace, Beauty In Stone Jewelry at $127
Gold Lined Red Agate Necklace

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While you are reading this, I might be at my studio in Northeast Tennessee crafting an antique silver necklace pendant with gemstones from my extensive inventory. Many people like silver because it never goes out of fashion, and some of the best pieces of jewelry in this resilient metal are budget friendly. Wearing a handmade piece of artsy jewelry will be unique, and you can wear it with your favorite jeans or at the office. All the antique silver chain necklaces for sale at my online store are personally handcrafted. I’ve always loved using my hands to create things and worked as a decorative painter and glass engraving artist earlier in my life.  You can be sure that my silver chain necklaces for sale are carefully chosen with attention to quality and detail. There is an incredible number of options when choosing design, length or size. I am always here to assist you in any questions you might have.

When creating an antique silver necklace, I may get inspiration from a certain piece of clothing or sometimes I find an incredible element that I just have to fashion into my designs.  There are many options, some of which are antique coins, pearls, charms, semi-precious stones, and more. Many of my customers like an antique silver necklace pendant because of the black oxidization, which makes it look centuries old on some pieces. The handcrafted pendant adds that extra touch and highlights your taste and style. Even those that own a large collection of expensive designer jewelry peruse the antique silver chain necklaces online to match their latest pair of fashionable jeans and tops. My first customers fell in love with my pendant necklaces fashioned with twisted wire and worn on a long chain. 

The best investment is something that makes you look outstanding today and will enhance your personality and style.  An antique silver necklace with a pendant is a great choice to wear with sweater or blouses. My real passion is creating something you will love to wear, enjoy for years and boast your fabulous find to your friends!