Top Unique Features of Handmade Beach Glass Jewelry

Handmade beach glass jewelry

Handmade beach glass jewelry has become a staple in the jewelry world today. Powder glass beads are made from finely ground glass, but its main sources are broken bottles and a variety of scrap glass.

This glass yields different soft colors and shiny surfaces. Most of these handmade pieces are known to infuse a feeling of uniqueness and individuality.  Beach glass beads in our designs are made in Africa by the Krobopeople of Ghana. They are made by crushing glass to a fine powder and heating it so that the particles fuse together. The glass is then poured into clay molds, with a cassava leaf stem used to make the hole. They are baked in an oven and the glass fuses and the cassava stem burns up. This technique has been used in Africa for centuries.

What You Didn't Know About Our Handmade Jewelry

#1. Customization

Our jewerly is designed with fashion and lifestyle as our first inspiration. You can also customize any piece on our website with preferences of size or color.  In addition you can send us your old jewelry pieces from a loved one and we well repurpose it into a new necklace or bracelet. You will have an heirloom piece no one has with a beautiful story behind it. I have even made bracelets with my mother’s buttons that are stunning.

#2. The Time Spent

It usually takes a great amount of time for most jewelry makers to produce a piece of handmade jewelry. Once they have a design to work with, it may take more time to finally produce it. There is usually a whole lot of care and attention that is put into each piece of jewelry.

#3. Made With Love

Most artisans are known for putting a huge amount of love and energy into every piece of handmade jewelry. Many times a piece will be made without considering all the time put into it. Artisans have a labor of love in much of their work that many times can’t be priced for the true value.


Whenever you want to purchase a piece, remember that though the piece may sometimes cost a bit more there is no comparison to those of mass production. We hope you can’t wait to wear your new piece of jewelry and will consider our store for your next hunt for the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Also our  handmade beach glass jewelry makes a perfect complement for your nautical and tropical outfits. Perfect for a stoll on the boardwalk and your next cruise.

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