One must have piece of jewelry is a lariat-style necklace

Lariats allow you multiple ways to wear them, making them the perfect piece for any neckline. You can wear one of these versatile pieces as a wrap bracelet. Easily wrap around your wrist and get a layered bracelet of leather and beads that is simply stunning! You will see how, watching the video on the product page. You can even cinch a shapeless blouse and wear as a belt.

We have lariat necklaces for sale that will complement your look. You will have the versatility of dressing them up or down. Our lariat necklace jewelry has come to be our most popular selling items. We use freshwater pearls, silver or gold beads, and unique elements to set them apart. When you buy a lariat necklace from Beauty In Stone you are sure to love your handmade exclusive design. These are fashioned on suede and come in many neutral colors as well some fun accent colors such as turquoise and pink.

The Freshwater Pearl Lariat has been our best seller and is made with over 30 beautiful large white pearls at an affordable price. For those tropical vacations and cruises, you’ll love the lariats that incorporate handmade beach glass beads. These lariats are knotted along a strand of natural leather lace.

Wear this as a lariat loop necklace by folding it in half

See this demonstrated along with several other ways you can tie it in one of the many videos that Suzanne has created. This will be your go to piece! Just wearing a T shirt and jeans today? Grab and go and you’re out the door and admired for your sense of style!

You will also find other videos showing Suzanne’s designs up close. This gives you a better sense of how a piece may feel and look while wearing it. You’ll get a dimensional look of a piece and even a sense of the weight. These videos are easy to find on the items page as well as her own YouTube channel.

Your handmade lariat is just a click away

A lariat necklace is a gorgeous addition to any jewelry collection.

Our collections include pearls, beads, beach glass and rhinestones!

We may not have a cheap lariat necklace but we sure have an affordable one that will add value, fun and flatter to your wardrobe! Shop our website now to see all the great color and bead options. I bet you will want your collection of them to grow. You will get a 10% discount for joining our mailing list and receive occasional discount codes by email. Our shipping charge is just $2 for anywhere in the U.S. We also ship internationally.


Try Something Different With Handmade Designer Lariat Necklaces

Searching for multiple ways to wear a necklace? Check out the handmade exclusive lariat necklaces online at our store. Get 10% off on your first order and buy these handmade designer lariat necklaces!

 We are sure you will be happy with a pearl lariat necklace because there are a variety of ways of styling them. You can choose to wear a lariat as a necklace or wear it as a wrap bracelet. Just wrap it around your wrist several times and you will have a beautiful layered bracelet that stands out. The layered leather and the beads are simply fascinating. Lariat necklaces are good at complementing all your looks. We make sure that you get the exclusive designs that you're searching for. We strive to be your go to jewelry website when you want to treat yourself with something exciting and new to add to your wardrobe.

 Styling becomes mandatory when you wear lariat jewelry. Try the silver or gold beaded or our freshwater pearl lariats and gold beads as these are our most well loved designs. There are other unique elements present in lariats as in our beach glass and African Goomba beads. As well as lariat styles we have a great collection of pearls, rhinestones, and beach glass jewelry. Add fun and vibrancy to your wardrobe with lariat necklaces. These magnificent lariat pieces are available in many neutral colors as well as bright accents to add pop of color to your outfit. You will surely love the handmade designs and styles available online at our store. 

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 Your beautiful new lariat or other choice in mind is just a click away. 

 No matter what, lariats are elegant additions to your jewelry collection. You're definitely going to add personality with a sense of style with the amazing lariat jewelry.

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