Top Handmade Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her

Top Handmade Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her

Handmade gift items have grown in popularity, and so much appreciated that you picked something exclusively. Handmade items make for some of the most heartfelt presents because they are more distinctive and not just something you can pick up at any shop. 

One of the greatest trends is handmade jewelry, which makes such wonderful presents. Due to the recent surge in popularity of handmade goods, buying gift that are handmade from an artist has also been a lot simpler. Here are some suggestions to assist you if you want to purchase some handcrafted jewelry to give as a present.

  1. Earrings For Summer

What is this popular style that has been a true favorite?  It is our Rattan and Shell earrings.  We make these with different color shells as well as choices in shape and color of hand-woven rattan.  They are a stud earring that is lightweight, but still hangs from the earlobe.  They show off so well, you probably won’t wear a necklace with them.  A popular fashion and lifestyle blogger Susan After 60 has made these a fan favorite!    You’ll want a pair of these for your beachwear looks and your vacation!

  1. Bracelets Of Leather and Gemstones

Women's leather cuff bracelets with gemstones make a great gift idea for your friend that has that edgy or artistic personality.  Our variety of leather cuffs also include beautiful rows of freshwater pearls that are gorgeous and sophisticated. They can go with a Boho look as well your sporty or even dressed up attire. They are genuine leather, hand-dyed with big chunky gemstone, rhinestones, pearls, and crystals.  You can request customization if you would like a certain gemstone or color combination!  

  1. A Personalized Necklace

A personalized custom name necklace is the ideal handmade gift that is usually a favorite as everyone likes to see their own name.  Made with non-tarnish wire. Choose her favorite metal—gold, silver, or rose gold—and you'll have the ideal present she's sure to adore.  Be sure to notice our exclusive flower clasp that just adds another unexpected touch.

   4. Earrings

Earrings are a fun favorite.  We make dangle, drops, hoops and studs.  Because we design both timeless treasures and current fashion trends you will find the perfect pair for that special someone.  We usually note if they are lightweight which will help you make a wise choice.   

  1. Coin Bracelets

Did you know we make coin bracelets with US state coins?  These out of circulation coins are a very cool idea to have jewelry made with.  If we don’t have a particular state in stock, we can usually get it or you can send us one to make your piece with.  With the coin being the focal point, the bracelet is finished with pearls, or gemstone beads and sometimes pretty faceted glass beads. The beauty in these is that they stretch on.  This makes the size a little forgiving if you’re not sure.  We will also add or take away beads and adjust the size to your specifications,

  1. Chain Necklace

A chain necklace is a great option, and we have many styles!  We have beautiful chain links, long chains, short chokers and lariats.  Beautiful pendant and coin necklaces that are loved.  We get emails all the time on how much prettier in person our designs are.  Our Austrian rhinestone chains are amazing in quality and sparkle.  We make gemstone beaded necklaces for you Boho style and some with chunky coral.  Our latest necklace is made with our exclusive icon pendant setting.  Inside this setting you will see coins, gemstones, and a magnifying glass dome option.  Beauty In Stone fans are loving this new creation!

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