Tips for Building Your Dream Jewelry Collection

Tips for Building Your Dream Jewelry Collection

Jewelry collections are the most fashionable component of a woman's daily and occasional attire. Many people may have an extensive jewelry collection, but they are unsure how to utilize it properly. Some may have a slight amount and use it for all outfits, which can sometimes detract from the overall appearance. It is not necessary to have many diamonds, but having a reasonable number of gems to match all of the clothes is a good idea.

People frequently purchase jewelry but never wear it. Jewelry enhances the charm of your attire and is usually well worth the expense. Here are a few pointers on putting together your perfect jewelry collection.

  1. Begin with the fundamentals

You can never go wrong by adding a few essential jewelry items to your collection. When looking to create a tremendous basic assembly, you can consider pieces like diamond stud earrings, hoop earrings, stackable gold rings, a French coin necklace, and diamond chains. Adding other accent items, such as colorful gemstones or unusual pieces like a silver beaded or pearl lariat to your collection of essentials gives it a beautiful foundation and adds versatility.

  1. Buy items that you will wear

Add to your collection pieces that are easy to mix and match and wear daily once you've mastered the fundamentals. Sometimes an idea does not translate into a garment that you will wear with your existing wardrobe. While each jewelry item can be genuinely one-of-a-kind and fascinating, be honest about what you will wear.

  1. Examine the materials

Check to see if the item you're purchasing will last. Many colored gemstones aren't suitable for everyday use, so research the jewelry's durability before purchasing. For instance, emeralds are softer gemstones that you should avoid as a ring for everyday use.

  1. Prioritize quality above quantity

When creating a relevant collection, investing in a high-quality piece of jewelry should always be a priority. You can invest in a high-quality large rhinestone necklace for jewels, and for high-quality metal and diamonds, platinum and 18k gold are the way to go. In the long term, slowly amassing a collection of high-quality, unique pieces will pay off considerably more.

  1. Legacy

It would be a great investment if your jewelry could be passed down for generations.  Precious stones and gold without a doubt are always left to loved ones but beautiful well made pieces don’t have to have monetary value.  They will be adored as grandma’s favorites.  If you're going to hand them down, make sure they're great, custom pieces that are timeless and traditional.

  1. Classics are timeless and never go out of style

Classics are always a good choice! Pearls, a fine Swiss-made automatic watch (make sure you know how to service them), and a diamond solitaire engagement ring are all items you will never regret adding to your collection and will wear all the time.

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