Acrylic Chain Bracelet

These acrylic chain bracelets are an easy way to brighten up your outfit.  Fun and on trend but not lacking sophistication.  I have been grabbing one of these every day for an easy choice to wear with sporty warm weather outfits. 

What Makes Our Different?

Ours are finished with a beautiful, dangling sterling silver plated tassel. We mix in metal links and add a big, electroplated lobster clasp.  I wanted these to have class and sophistication, along with their playful style. 

How To Wear This Acrylic Jewelry

I like the pink and orange ones especially with all white!  The gold and silver acrylic links are so neutral you can wear with much more.  I get a lot of compliments because the bold look doesn't go unnoticed!  Mixing in the white link with the gold and silver cable link looks super nice with anything white and shows off a nice tan. 

If your skin has warm tones, you will probably notice the tortoise link right away.  It's so chunky and bold with a shiny finish.  For this one I have a matching necklace and love the way it lays on your neck. 

Most of my acrylic links have a matte finish and look silicone, just like the popular iPhone and smart phone watch bands. 

My daughter took several of these on her recent tropical vacation and you will see her in the product photos really having fun with these and wearing them in layers with her beachwear.