The Most Common Mistakes Women Make When Wearing Leather Belts

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Belts have always remained a fantastic clothing accessory, and, of course, they perform more functions than keeping your pants or skirt in place. When applied correctly, though, they may enhance your look. This means, among other things, that you must be certain about which belt is ideal for you. Not every belt will enhance your appearance.
Not to mention knowing how to properly accessorize with belts. These components necessitate an understanding of your body type. If not, you must determine your body type. For the finest style, the belt must be worn at the correct length and at the correct location, or else the belt should not be worn at all! Belts, on the other hand, may destroy a decent outfit and turn it into something very generic.
So, let's look at the most common blunders people make when wearing them.
1.    Belt and shoe color are not matching
While this is a no-brainer, it is also the most common belt-related error that gals make. And this is a major no-no when it comes to formal clothing. Wearing a black belt and brown leather shoes to work is not acceptable. Your belt and shoes should be as far as possible the same color. A leather belt with rhinestones from our collection can be worn with various other color shoes made from animal skin, suede, or canvas to add oomph.
2.    The incorrect belt for the occasion
Another typical blunder you can make is pairing formal clothing with the wrong belts. A slim belt (about 3.4 cm) may be the proper way to go with formal clothing  such as dress pants, cotton trousers, and dark jeans. Wider belts (about 3.9 cm) may usually be best for casual clothing like denim and some types of trousers, however for many dressy occasions our embellished belts will be just the right touch with long flowy skirts and dresses that could use a little cinch at the waist.
3.    Wearing scuffed belts
Worn-out belts not only look untidy but can also make your entire outfit look horrendous. Many are prone to overlooking details such as a belt's inner and outer sections falling apart, buckles with scratches that have lost their polish, and ripped edges. It is critical to get a high-quality belt that will last a long time. Genuine leather belts are more durable than imitation leather belts.
4.    Wearing a belt of the incorrect size
Another blunder you can make when wearing leather handmade belts is choosing ones that are either too long or too short. Your belt should not be so long that it has a loose hanging tail, nor should it be so short that putting it through the first loop is difficult. Your belt should go under the first belt loop after the buckle and under the second belt loop as a general rule of thumb.

Final thoughts
It's really surprising how much difference a simple accessory like a belt can make. Older generations might never understand the distressed and ripped jean fad. Still, if you are wearing these denims with a leather handmade belt or leather belt with rhinestones, it'll give all your apparel a boost in sophistication and style! Our belts use the best materials and prettiest stones. They can be worn with high-end designer wear and casual wear for the mall or movies.

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