My Signature Beginning And Some Of My Past

Wire Monogram Pendant Necklace


Wire Monogram Pendant Necklace

I felt like this was a good way to start a blog because in a sense it was a big beginning for me.

I just love fashionable jewelry and started making it for myself.  I had collected all the tools and supplies, spent time learning techniques and new skills and decided I would love to do this forever!  However getting my work out there to share with others is a challenge in itself!  Until...

One day I was fortunate to meet a wonderful lady and new boutique owner!  Krista Wharton, owner of Monkee's in Johnson City, Tennessee, my local town.  I showed her a few pieces of my jewelry and she was especially amazed by a particular piece as she had never seen anything like it. It was a design I had created unlike anything I had ever seen before!  

Krista asked me to do a Trunk Show in her boutique showcasing this unique piece.  After a successful show, she has carried my jewelry line in her store for the past 4 years.  I do several Trunk Shows a year there plus she invites me to be a part of their Anniversary celebration each year!  Meeting her has opened so many other doors for me as well!

What is this piece?  The Wire Monogram Pendant Necklace.  I bend wire into a large round circle (pendant) and add a custom letter inside (your initial). The wire is square and when twisted it adds extra strength and sparkle!  Before the monogram is formed I create the 3" circle.  Then separately I form the letter.  The tricky part is making the letter fit exactly inside, gracefully touching the circle so that I can wire it on, Sometimes a freshwater pearl is added as an additional personalized  feature.  It's a pretty tedious process, but I enjoyed the challenge of practicing the skill until it was perfected. 

best handmade designer jewelry

 The following is one of the comments from Krista on an Instagram post:  

"We love Suzanne and her @beautyinstonejewelry!!! Her beautiful styles are always a top-seller for us! We love that she’s local!! 🙌🏻She’s so talented AND a very dear person! 🤗💗"

I'm deeply touched with her kind words and knowing I can be of value to this fabulous boutique!

Her exquisite boutique is here:  Monkee's Of Johnson City

group of girls

Link below takes you to my store to see more information on this "Signature Piece" with your monogram.



 When there is a skill I have a passion for it really drives me to practice until I perfect it. 

I have had two previous careers where I saw this drive in me!  At the age of 21, I started my own business as a custom glass engraving artist doing monograms and other personalization using a stationary stone grinding wheel.  This age old technique of wheel cutting takes a tremendous amount of patience, skill and practice.  I had the opportunity to "play" with this often in my dad's shop, as this was of my father's career throughout his life.  My daughter, now the third generation has a thriving business of her own today.

custom glass engraving artist


custom glass engraving
monogrammed glasses

My daughter, Jennifer at the cutting wheel above.  The monogrammed glasses are a sample of her beautiful work!  Her shop is here:

I operated my glass engraving shop for over 25 years.  Rearranging and redecorating my store quite often, I discovered I had a love for decorative painting.  Faux Finishing walls and furnishings was my next career.  Learning painting techniques such as glazing and plaster finishes that transformed rooms. However setting up scaffolding and lugging heavy paint around is some physical labor!

Below are a few finishes I used to do.  Brick, Granite and Plaster


So now... and for the rest of my life!  (God willing!) 

I'm over the moon to have something that I can enjoy doing for the rest of my life!  I started my career of jewelry design over 5 years ago.  Not only getting to do what I love, but meeting people and having experiences that I never would know if I didn't start this business!  It is truly my pleasure to communicate with you all regarding any little thing or question you may have.  I love knowing you are enjoying your jewelry that I put a lot of love into making!





  • Cindy Larschan

    I’m so proud of you! You create beauty in everything you do. Your talent and passion for your work shines through and as your slogan says you never miss a chance to sparkle!!!

  • Susan

    You are an amazing, talented, beautiful woman! I wish you many happy years creating your beautiful jewelry.

  • Jennifer

    You have always been an inspiration! As a little girl growing up watching you, I have been amazed at your creativity and vision for each of the many arts that you have embraced. Whether your glassware, painting, furniture restorations and now the past several years jewelry, your talents can not go unnoticed. I am so excited to hear more of you upcoming plans, stories and adventures in your blog.

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