A Kentucky Derby Party

A Kentucky Derby Party

Getting ready for a Kentucky Derby party is a big part of the fun! The bright colors and big decorated hats are a must!  There is a great little boutique shop downtown Johnson City called Azlinn Hope.  I know I will wear this many more times so it was worth the investment.  Every time I've been there I end up taking home more than I went for. 🤫

I have worn this off the shoulder white blouse  many times and it was a perfect top for this great skirt with a feminine pretty feel.  The top is from Kaleys and Company, downtown Jonesborough, where I have purchased a closet full of favorites!

My jewelry selection included a simple long strand of pearls and a couple of bracelets that had the color that was in the skirt. I chose the leather cuff because it gave that surprise element. An unusual choice, and has a little Western flair.


Leather cuff bracelet


long pearl necklace

  Long Pearl Necklace


Pearl stretch bracelet

 Pearl Stretch Bracelet

I make some great earrings that have these beautiful colors, but they would have competed with my decorated hat. I had purchased the hat years ago. It had all brown feather flowers and I just tucked in the colored ones and added a ribbon and a bright feather! 


Kentucky derby hat



Kentucky Derby Party Piney Flats
The party was a blast  and so professionally done with betting, games and incredible decorations! 
                      Kentucky Derby Party.     
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Have you been to a great Derby Party? 

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