Vacation 2021- First Stop

Vacation 2021- First Stop

I just returned from a ten day vacation and have some fun pictures to share.  The ultimate dream vacation destination was Cancun, Mexico, but we made a couple stops along the way.  The first was to Hilton Head Island. We drove there from Northeast Tennessee.  There is an amazing little boutique on the island that carries my jewelry line, so I love to stop and visit whenever possible.  The Pink Pineapple is owned by Susan Davis and we have become good friends through the years of selling my jewelry.  I hope if you visit Hilton Head you will stop in and mention me. Susan and her friendly fun staff are sincere and fun to shop with, helping you pick what is right for you!  I can't find this stuff close to Johnson City, so I'm in delight when I get to see this variety!  She knows my artistic style and had me try on these painted shorts!  The asymmetrical netted cover up will go with so much!

The bracelets I had worn that day were white and silver. I love white, even in jewelry!  I'm loving this new coin bracelet with silver beads!! I have stacked it with many others and it really adds variety to all plain beaded ones.  They loved it at the store, so I will be making many for them to carry!  The second one is quartz with faceted crystal white beads. You can find them here: Coin Bracelet, Quartz Crystal Bracelet.  There are other colors to see.


We always have a lunch or dinner at Shelter Cove Harbour.  Being by the water is on the top of our list to dine or just sit.  My hubby will sit there all day and work on his computer if I am doing a jewelry trunk show at the boutique. 

I wanted to wear pearls by the water, but didn't want them too dressy.  I designed this short pearl necklace with a natural light brown cotton cord. I knotted it between the pearls and left the strands hang so I could tie it at various lengths or even wear a bow in the front.  It's the perfect feel with raffia earrings, belts and bags. Details and photos here:  Knotted Cotton Pearl Necklace

The plan is to make it available with pendants to add if you like.  I am waiting on some pretty rattan shapes that I will have for an option soon.

We drove to Harbour Town on the other end of the island. There are beautiful shops and restaurants.  This time we took the stairs to the top of the lighthouse to see the amazing views.

This magnificent tree looks like a painting!

I was excited to try on some dresses at the Pink Pineapple after losing 6 pounds. I have a little more to go but I felt comfortable any way.  I'm up to 9 pounds loss now. The dress is a very lightweight sweater dress with a hood and perfect for the evening dining outdoors at Ruan Thai Hut. Casual jewelry is perfect. My long chain necklace is here:  Bee Pendant Necklace.   The bracelets I stacked are the same as the ones above and I added the Cross Bar Pearl Bracelet

The vacation continues to beautiful Cancun on the next blog.

If you read this blog post you may enjoy 15% off any of these items!  Use code VACATIONBLOG1.  Thanks for reading!

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