Fashion Trends...You Can Actually Wear!

Fashion Trends...You Can Actually Wear!

What's trending this Fall? 

I love trends!  Not that I can wear them all, but it just feels good to shop for a few things that will update my wardrobe for the season.  When coming up with new designs it's smart for me to keep this in mind.  So I do a little research.

I like to check out the current colors, because that is first thing I think you will notice.  This Fall the stores are packed with new arrivals of mustard, orange, rust, elegant gray, deep and soft blues and yay, even beige!  

And leopard prints are in every catalog I get in the mailbox!  So you'll probably want to own some animal print.  Even if you wear just a hint, you don't have to wear it all over!

Tassels and earrings are made with fur-on genuine leather. 

It's the year to go all out on your jewelry.  Layer it, stack it and maximize! Designing couldn't be more fun!  Pile on mixed textures and mixed metals. 

Chain Bracelet, Peacock Pearl BraceletPeacock Pearl LariatSimilar Leather Cuffs,


Layer your pearls and chains. The minimalist can wear necklaces in a few different lengths.  

Long Drop Necklace   Short Drop Necklace,   Beaded Fleur De Lis   Silver Beaded Drop,   Pearl With Pendant

Bright colors, sparkly stones, mixed materials, are current and in this bracelet wrap you get the look in one easy piece! the "Caribbean".  There are many more wrap bracelets with neutral and different stones in this section.  Beaded Stone Bracelets.

 Shimmery metallics are on trend. Soft leather cuffs

And my favorite are pearls!  Even if you are a grandma (like me) don't wear grandma pearls!  For pearl jewelry today, find these super cool new designs using baroque pearlsleather lariatschainspendants and more. 

For a little shortcut as your browsing, I've curated some things in a new Collection called  WHAT'S TRENDING NOW?

So have some fun shopping out there and find a few fresh ideas that make you smile!

What's your favorite fashion trend?  Where do you like to shop?

I hope to have that special piece in my store that make you go "Wow!  This will go so nice with my new .......!"

If you like the Pantone Color Chart is interesting and fun to check out! 

Have a beautiful day!



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