Favorite Beauty Secret

Favorite Beauty Secret

What makes your jewelry look even better? 

A nice glowing tan does! It's been fun learning to create videos of my jewelry items.  I do this all on my own with my smart phone and a tripod.  From your feedback on my videos I can see they are helpful which makes me want to do many more!  I am critical of camera close ups.  I also see all the imperfections on my hands.  

One thing that I can't do this without is my sunless tanning lotion.  I have always used a couple different brands out there, but have also been concerned about the ingredients.  All my skin care other than that is natural and clean.  

On Pinterest one day I found this brand called Just Nutritive.  I ordered the self tanning lotion.  They have several formulas including an anti-aging one.  I chose the Dark Tones.  I love the tan it gives me with no odor.  It actually has a citrus smell when I first put it on. After it dries I cannot smell anything.  My skin looks smoother all over and any sun damage spots are more hidden.  I love the healthy glow I get from being tan, but lying in the sun long enough to get a tan is just not healthy.  I wish I found this years ago!  



They have other skin and hair care products as well.  I just orderd some other products but have not used them enough yet.

You can find all their tanning options here.  And get 15% your first order!

This has been my most popular video:  6 Ways To Wear The Pearl Lariat

Here is my YouTube Channel to watch more videos: Beauty In Stone Jewelry on YouTube

This is the link to the Stacked Bracelet Set: Blue & Gray Bracelet Set Of 4

I appreciate any comments on this or what you would like to hear about!

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  • DeAnna Iilton

    Suzanne, I love your beautiful jewelry! And Thank you! For the information about your sunless tanning lotion. You always glow with a nice tan. I’ll have to try it. Your hands are lovely, so are you!

  • Jennie Pappas

    Thank you for sharing! You look great!

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