Express Yourself with Friendship Bracelets

Express Yourself with Friendship Bracelets
Taylor Swift encouraged fans to “make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it” in her Midnights track, “You’re on Your Own, Kid.”  And now everybody is wearing them...all ages and genders!


The trend of friendship bracelets at Taylor Swift's Eros tour has become impossible to ignore. Even celebrities like Sabrina Carpenter, Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Aaron Dessner, and Swift herself have been seen wearing the colorful bracelets and sharing pictures on social media.

A friendship bracelet is a symbolic gift given to a friend. The bracelet is traditionally tied around the wrist of the recipient and is meant to be worn as a reminder of the lasting friendship between two people. 

It's great to connect with my daughters.  No matter what the age they are excited to have their own meaningful words to proudly identify with and stack on their wrist.

It's on trend to wear the destinations of places people have visited or are going to!  Here is my set.  I'm going on a cruise in October!

I love this set with my name and birthday.  Wearing them with a touch of color and crystals creates interest.

You can create a meaningful gift set with your friend's best qualities!

You can see in the photos that you have choices of colors in the lettering as well as the bead itself.  You will also like that I use quality materials to make your bracelets last!  I have choices of 18k gold filled, 14k gold plated, or sterling silver plated.  I can also finish them with gemstone beads in colors. These can be used or intermixed with the gold or silver. 

Colors have suggested meanings for bracelets that reflect the recipient's personality traits. 

 Pink -- kind
 Red -- honest
 Orange -- energetic
 Yellow -- cheerful
 Green -- responsible
 Blue -- loyal
 Black -- strong

Here are some ideas to express yourself and your friendship with others:  

Your name, Birthdate, Hobbies  

Trending words:  Swiftie, Barbie, Pickleball, Dance

Encouraging words:  Love, Trust, Believe, Jesus, Encourage, Chosen, Hope, Grateful, Joyful, Happy, Grace, Resilient, Smile.

Mom, Sister, Mama, Nana, Bestie, Forever Yours, Family, Soulmate

Universities (ETSU), Class of 24, States you Love


Fun Facts:

Friendship bracelets became popular in the 1970s. As per tradition, when a person ties the bracelet onto their friend's wrist, it symbolizes their friendship and is often accompanied by a wish. The bracelet should be worn until it naturally falls off to honor the effort and affection put into making it. It is believed that once the bracelet falls off, the wish that was made will come true. (I don't know about this one!) lol

These unisex accessories have been enjoyed by both male and female teenagers and children, and have now become a global sensation. Join the millions of people worldwide who rock these stylish bracelets and show off your friendship to the world!

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