10 Ways To Wear This

Beauty In Stone Jewelry Lariat

This fun little piece of leather is loaded with 8mm beads that drapes you in shine.

Almost everybody that gets a chance to see this demonstrated in person is excited to have one!  When you see it here you just don't get that opportunity.  One of my customers that purchased one happened to be an Instagram blogger.  She loved it and made a video on many of the ways to wrap and wear this, unbeknownst to me!  I don't even know her!  I was excited to be tagged in her post and have been using her video for instruction since!  Her Instagram is WardrobesByWoods and she also has it featured in her highlights!  

These became popular and a must have at Monkee's Of Johnson City where I did my first Trunk Show. 

In the past 4 years this upscale boutique has sold hundreds of these little gems!  

Now, I love to get all fixed up and pick out my jewelry for the day, but if I'm running out for a moment and put on anything quick, I grab one of these lariats and suddenly look much more polished in an instant.  It does this for a Tee shirt and jeans, but a perfect accessory for sporty outfits. In fact my daughter has spotted it worn at wedding she attended!

It's nice to have versatility with anything you buy, it just gives you more chances to be able to use it.  

Another feature is that is can be personalized. 

The little charm on the end that finishes it off can have your one initial engraved on it.  In fact you can order as many engraved charms as you want... the more dangle you have the cooler it looks, (I think)!  Customers do their 3 letter monogram, or spell out L O V E, or even one charm for each of their children or grandchildren. 

These shots of me in completely different attire.  I'm wearing the new version of this piece with a thick circle link I've added to the end.  You can tuck the other end through it for more looks.  

Another well know blogger, Susan Street found this piece on my website and it has become one of her favorites!  Here is a photo from her blog post "Finishing Touches"  at  SusanAfter60,com

 Visit the product pages to see more wrap and tuck photos...and the VIDEO!

Lariat in oh so many colors!  SILVER BEADS HERE     GOLD BEADS HERE

Lariat with the Link   SILVER HERE     GOLD HERE

Here is a code just for my readers to save $10 on one!  BLOGLARIAT10

Thank you!  I hope you have a beautiful week!



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